Car Reservation is possible at website, as well as calling on the phone +371 29350757+371 29350757. Booking the car to the current or next day - please call.

Car Reserving approving a car class reservation. One particular car model is not guaranteed.

Rental fee:

Daily rental charges are calculated for 24 hours. Rental rates include maintenance and third party insurance, as well as Kasko insurance with the customer's own risk. Fuel is not included in the rental price.

Rental Period

Minimum rental period is 24 hours.

Requirements for car driver

The person must be at least 21 year old.

Upon receipt of a car, person shows a valid driver's license and passport.


Payments for car rental can be accomplished by an internationally recognized credit cards: VISA and MasterCard at the time of car pick up.

Car delivery / return

Delivery and Returns to a client specified place on working days during working hours (09.00-18.0009.00-18.00) is free of charge. During the rest of the additional fee for delivery / return is EUR 20.00.

Customer Liability

Each car class are set deductible amount which the customer is responsible for damage to the vehicle:

Compact class - 580.00 EUR

Compact SUV/Estate class - 620.00 EUR

Intermediate/SUV class - 620.00 EUR

Van - 1200.00 EUR

Purchase additional insurance in the amount of self-risk lesions can reduce to 0 EUR.

Responsibility for a car theft or total destruction cannot be reduced, and it is determined for each car separately.

Car use:

Departure outside the Baltic States will be aligned with Baltic Netcar.

An exit outside the Baltic countries (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia) is an additional payment of 50% of the rental fee.

Car rental for less than 3 days, the car must be returned clean.

If the car is returned dirty and / or in the dark, lessor reserves the right in 18 hours to find car damages for which the tenant bears the full responsibility.

On the return of dirty cars, if the car is rented out less than 3 days, the tenant pays in addition EUR 15.00.

If the car is returned to the salon dirty and in need of dry cleaning tenant pays in addition EUR 85.00.


The car's documents and / or key loss, for car documents or keys renewal is applying administration fee EUR 420.00

All administrative penalties for traffic violations during car use, bear the Tenant. EUR 35.00 extra charge will be calculated for each penalty, the administrative and traffic offenses.

The penalty for smoking in the rental car is EUR 70.00.

For the missing fuel is calculated EUR 1.50 per liter missing.

Optional equipment:

Child safety seat (for children under 4 years): EUR 5.77 per day

Child safety seat / tray (for children from 4 years to 12 years): EUR 5.77 per day.

Car Pickup and Return

If making car rental reservation, you choose car pickup or return location City, it means, that car will be delivered directly or collected directly from your accommodation (hotel) in specific city (Tallinn, Riga, Vilnius, Kaunas). This service is already included in the price. Hotel name and address will be clarified after the reservation confirmation receipt.

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